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Enum SearchOptions


Defines options for search and replace operations. This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum SearchOptions


AllDocuments = 4096

Search is performed in all documents.

BackwardSearch = 8

Specifies that search should be executed towards the beginning of text.

CaseSensitive = 1

Specifies that search should be case sensitive.

CurrentProject = 8192

Search is performed in current project.

CycledSearch = 1024

Search until current position is reached.

DisplayIncrementalSearchDiaog = 32768

Incremental search is performed with dialog.

EntireScope = 32

Specifies that search should start from the beginning of text.

EntireSolution = 16384

Search is performed in entire solution.

FindSelectedText = 512

Specifies that selected text of the active document should be used as text to find.

FindTextAtCursor = 128

Specifies that text at the current position of the active document should be used as text to find.

None = 0

Specifies that no flags are in effect.

PromptOnReplace = 256

Specifies that confirm dialog should appear before replacing found text.

RegularExpressions = 4

Specifies that text to find represents notations for patterns of text rather than the literal character.

SearchHiddenText = 64

Specifies that the search includes invisible text, such as an collapsed section.

SelectionOnly = 16

Searches only within the selected text in the currently active document.

SilentSearch = 2048

Search until current position is reached.

WholeWordsOnly = 2

Searches only for whole words, rather than matching the text as it occurs within words.